Rumors Continue Regarding Putin's Health as He Appears Unsteady During Church

During Vladimir Putin's campaign in Ukraine, there have been numerous reports that he is ill. There are a few plausible hypotheses, but no one is sure how sick or what the illness is.

Vladimir Putin was recently seen looking fidgety and unhappy at a Pascha service (Easter in the Orthodox Church). When you look closely, you can see him gnawing on his lip. A lot of people are saying this is all part of the Russian president's attempt to cover up a sickness.

To go along with the illness theory, take a look at this video below of him speaking with Sergei Shoigu and during the discussion, you can see Putin gripping the table with his hand in which Louise Mensch has said is a sign that he has Parkinson's disease and that in order to stop himself from shaking uncontrollably, he is gripping the table. She pointed out that if you look at his foot, you can also see that he continues to tap it throughout the talk.

Maybe he does have Parkinson's disease. Or maybe he needed to go to the restroom.

One thing I'm wondering though is that if it is indeed Parkinson's, is it still so early that it is controllable? because when I see him holding a candle, it doesn't appear to be too shaky. You would think that if it was that severe that the candle would have likely gone out or been dropped or that you would have at least seen it shaking like crazy.

Is it a sign of his illness? Is he feeling uneasy being in the church to worship God after being responsible for the deaths of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians? Maybe he just really needed to go to the restroom. Who knows?

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