Royal Rumble at D.C Restaurant Leads to Zero Arrests as Liberal City Continues to Crumble

I don't see why anyone would vote for a liberal to be in charge of prosecuting or arresting criminals, given they never seem to do so.

Based on Democratic conduct like this, there's only so much we can infer. They don't do anything about crime for a variety of reasons, the most obvious of which is that they don't want to. Then we must try to determine what that rationale is behind that.

It honestly seems like they're deliberately shooting themselves in the foot because surely at some point people will wake up and stop electing them, right? They'll finally get tired of their cities being overrun with criminals.

Not too long ago, if you committed a crime you would be arrested. You wouldn't get to leave without bail. You wouldn't avoid being prosecuted, but today in liberal-led cities, all of these things happen.

But I still can't understand why? Do they want power or do they want a nice place to live? Why purposely destroy your own city? It makes no sense. Let me give you a perfect example of what I mean.

Fox 5 News reported,

An all-out brawl was captured on cell phone video Sunday inside a popular brunch spot in Northwest.

The graphic video shows a group of diners fighting inside the HalfSmoke restaurant located on the 600 block of Florida Avenue in the Shaw neighborhood.

The altercation appears to be between several women, however, one man can be seen on camera visibly frustrated and attempting to charge at another patron. At one point in the video, a chair is hurled across the restaurant.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police Department say they arrived at the scene just after 5:30 p.m. on Sunday. At that time, all parties had already left the scene.

It's absolutely ridiculous to me that I constantly see trashy people acting like this all of the time and the scene sadly always looks the same. Why can't people act civil anymore?

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