Rosanne Barr's Daughter Reveals Shocking Secret About Her Mom

It can be extremely challenging to maintain a healthy body weight. Anyone trying to shed a few extra pounds can attest to that fact. Being a few pounds overweight isn’t always an issue. However, there comes a point where being unhealthily obese becomes a serious issue.

Obesity is a epidemic in its own right. The United States does not have flattering numbers when it comes to the percentage of people who classify as obese. While often ignored, it’s a true health problem for millions of Americans.

So, who would blame a parent for using tough love to help trigger better and healthier decisions in their child? Seems one famous Hollywood personality did just that. Roseanne Barr has never been accused of being passive. That’s not in her DNA.

The real-life “Roseanne” isn’t all too different from the fictional character she played on television. Like “Roseanne Conner”, Roseanne Barr is a rather unique person. When she was presented with a tough parenting decision, Barr used an equally extraordinary approach.

Now, sometimes Hollywood types seem to err on the side of extravagance when telling their stories. Barr’s daughter, now 45, has a fairly harsh opinion of her mother’s “tough love”. Jenny Pentland tells the story of her life with Barr in her new book, “This will be funny later: A Memoir”.

In one chapter of her book, Pentland talks about a time in her life when she was 15-years-old. Barr and her father Bill Pentland started a contentious divorce when she was 13. Pentland insists that she and her siblings were used as pawns in the bitter divorce battle.

During this period in her life, Pentland tells a rather bizarre story about her weight. She says she grew more emotionally distraught because of the divorce. At one point, her weight hit 250 pounds. That’s when Pentland says her mother resorted to a harsh strategy.

One time, Pentland says she was expecting to be picked up at the airport by her dad. However, Roseanne Barr’s bodyguards were waiting instead. Pentland accuses Tom Arnold, Barr’s second husband, of being part of the plan. Pentland says she was handcuffed and hauled away.

The young teen thought Barr and Arnold were plotting to keep her locked up for the rest of her life. Now, while the story in the book is certainly filled with pages to sell copy, the underlying reason Barr may have chosen such a path for her daughter could be simply explained.

Far be it for us to judge others about how they manage their health, specifically their body weight. Nevertheless, sometimes tough love is needed. What’s more, the alternative could result in harsh consequences.

A global pandemic has exposed the ugly underbelly of poor health, especially obesity. An astonishing percentage of cases that experience life-threatening consequences from COVID-19 have multiple co-existing health issues.

However, there’s another startling and frequently ignored statistic. Too many of these same immune-compromised patients classify as clinically obese. That number is even more disturbing for young adults.

Two-thirds of the 12 to 19-year-old age group hospitalized due to COVID-19 is obese. These statistics don’t lie. They tell a troubling story. Obesity is a problem. However, in our current crazy world of woke culture, it’s seen as insensitive to call someone out for poor behavior.

For many, being overweight is a personal choice. However, it’s a poor one. Being fat and lazy can be a decision that creates debilitating, even deadly consequences. Being purposefully unhealthy and unnecessarily overweight can steal our vitality.

Some cannot help it. Others just choose not to try. When a parent practices tough love on an overweight child, who can blame them? There could be much more at stake than just a perfect physique. However, forcing them to skin a squirrel to abate hunger may be a little drastic.

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