Rogan Rips Kaepernick Comparing NFL To Slavery: ‘What The F*** Are You Talking About?’ (VIDEO)

YouTube/Sports Wars

Colin Kaepernick is an icon of the liberal woke culture. He is a professional athlete who has abused his stage to promote an opinion.

A foundation of our American liberties is based on free speech. This is true. There are hundreds of platforms and venues to voice our opinions.

As Americans, we all have that right. However, disrespecting our flag, plus the men and women who have died to preserve our precious freedom, is not one of them. It is an ignorant and un-American way to speak one’s mind or make a point.

Kaepernick’s has no clue what it means to be a patriotic American. This is obviously clear through the disgraceful kneeling practice that earned him his notoriety. Now he’s insulting the NFL. Kaepernick compared the sport, which gave him a job to display his talents, to slavery.

Popular talk show host, Joe Rogan, isn’t buying what Kaepernick is selling. Rogan was interviewing comedian Theo Von. The conversation drifted into a discussion about Kaepernick’s Netflix special. Rogan asked Von if he’d had a chance to watch the show.

Von joked that he viewed Kaepernick as a bad example of activist Rosa Parks. He called Kaepernick, “Throwsa Parks, that’s what I call that dude.” Rogan and Von went on to dissect Kaepernick’s insidious claim that the NFL is like slavery.

Both wondered how a sport with both black and white players excelling could be racist. Kaepernick seemed to think that because they measure physical abilities at the NFL combine, it’s like slavery. We’re not kidding; the guy really thinks this garbage is true.

Rogan expanded his take on Kaepernick’s claim. “You can make millions of dollars. And imagine comparing that to slavery simply because they measure people’s physical performance”, the show’s host continued.

Von countered with the point that it’s absolutely reverse racism. He said, “. . . cause all the owners are white, it’s just blatantly white . . .” Rogan replied that anyone buying Kaepernick’s baloney needed a spot on a shrink’s couch. Black Americans should be appalled.

Colin Kaepernick, and the other professional athletes who have used their stage to elicit change, would do well to appreciate why they’re able to do what they do. It is not about having a different opinion or advocating for change. Everyone has the right to do that.

Speaking our minds is the most concrete part of the foundation that is our free democracy. Trampling on free speech is unacceptable. Nevertheless, trampling on our heritage, and the valiant Americans who have fought to defend that heritage, is wrong.

The first time Colin Kaepernick took a knee, it was a show of disrespect for the nation that allows him to play his game. Every knee taken since is another scar on the face of our nation. Comparing the National Football League to slavery deepens these wounds.

This woke agenda to cancel everything they don’t like, or label it racist white supremacy, is illogical. Thankfully, some people are calling them out on their garbage. Joe Rogan went rogue on Colin Kaepernick. Rogan ended by saying, “Wake Up”!

Photo Credit: YouTube/Sports Wars

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