Rock Band Trapt Shows Some Love for Our Great Nation in Awesome New Video

I know many of you are on Twitter, just to see what crazy crap the liberal side of that network posts, and boy do they freaking ever!

I mean, so much so that it will seriously make you wonder what has happened to the youth in our great nation, and I mean that in the most pathetic way possible.

Where were these kids' parents? Probably too busy with their identity politics to pay their kids any real attention. Probably too busy convincing them that they're "gender fluid" or whatever. It's honestly infuriating.

Remember the protests of the 60s? And let's get real, the positive effect it made (for the most part) on our great nation? Not the crap they got going on today with their 593 genders and bullsh*t like that.

That brings me to my next bit... Trapt. Trapt is a band that became popular in the early 2000s with their catchy hooks and stellar lyrics. Daring the listeners to become "headstrong" while creating some great emotional tunes such as "Echo" (which is honestly one of my favorite songs and has been for a while).

And unlike other bands of the era, they didn't disappear. They've continued to make music for the last 2 decades, even teaming up with some great people such as An0mly.

On their Twitter account, however, they are constantly under attack by bernie-bro-bands and their ilk simply for loving America and supporting our President. Thankfully, the lead singer Chris Taylor Brown, who also manages the account, doesn't take that crap lying down.

Oh no, he stands up for himself against all the odds of liberal Twitter.

Recently, they've released a new album called Shadow Work and man, does it slap! The first song I've heard from the album, Make It Out Alive, is filled with so much love for our country that it's something I truly felt compelled to share with you all.

I want to state for the record, no one is paying me to post this, to share this, or whatever. I follow the band on Twitter and on Facebook (ugh I know...) and saw this, watched and listened, and wanted to make a special effort to help this album grow in the charts because I truly think it's THAT good.

So give the song a listen, watch the video, and let me know what you think!

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