Robber Meets His Maker After Store Owner Fights Back Against Robbers Who Shot Him

It seems that everything in the country has been turned upside down. Instead of supporting honest, hardworking people, radical progressive policies are emboldening the bad elements in our society. Democrat-run cities are treating criminals like victims. Murderers, robbers, and thieves are getting away with crimes that used to carry stiff consequences.

Not anymore. Spurred by cashless bail policies and other lax crime initiatives, crime across the U.S. has skyrocketed. Robberies are especially on the rise. Business owners, with law enforcement often reduced to skeleton crews, must fend for themselves. Many are legally arming themselves for protection.

Anyone with half a brain could sense that things are going in a bad direction. When you release criminals back onto the streets and strip the courts of the ability to apply appropriate penalties to those who are convicted, crime is going to increase. Bad people will do bad things when they realize they aren’t going to be punished.

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure that out. So again, business owners and law-abiding residents are left to protect themselves. In one Democrat-run tourist town, there’s been a 200 percent spike in break-ins. Violent crime is running rampant through Asheville, North Carolina. One East Hartford, Connecticut, clothing store owner had to use deadly force to defend himself.

Two men wearing black ski masks walked into the Humble & Paid Co. clothing store. After a brief struggle with the owner, one suspect pulled out a firearm and shot him. The store owner was shot in the back. But he didn’t just succumb to the attackers. The owner pulled out two firearms of his own, and he shot back.

While one suspect escaped, the other was fatally wounded. According to WVIT Hartford, the store owner was treated on the scene and eventually taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. A 26-year-old suspect, Jashar Haslam, was also given life-saving measures but was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

East Hartford Police Department officer Marc Caruso told The Blaze, “As of right now, it seems to be an isolated incident.” But it is not an isolated incident. These types of brazen crimes are happening all across the country. The rise in criminal violence is astounding. It’s obviously because of the progressive left’s pandering to criminals.

Until smart people take back control of the U.S. criminal justice system, it’s going to continue to deteriorate. The longer we wait, the more frequently deadly incidents like what happened in East Hartford are going to occur. Without consequences for criminal activity, the terrible crime crisis that’s besieging far too many U.S. cities is going to get worse.

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