RNC EXPOSED: Raised and Stole $220 Million Supposed to Go Toward Legal Team

The RNC (Republican National Committee) is basically just DNC lite at this point. It is an organization that is ran by RINOs.

Of course, there are still good honest Republicans in the RNC because they essentially have to be, but don't be fooled into thinking that they are on our side. They are just as much of a RINO organization as if Mitt Romney or Lindsey Graham were running it.

There is some serious funny business going on and they're getting called out on it.

We all know who won the election in November. We know that there was a fight by some to bring the truth to light, but there were some who either tried to prevent that truth from coming out, or just sat back and did nothing.

Those who sat back and did nothing was the RNC. They failed President Trump and it goes much deeper than just that.

Over the weekend, the news came out from an insider that RNC Chief Counsel Justin Riemer and the RNC as an organization abandoned President Trump after he and most of the country claimed that the election was st0len.

According to Business Insider,

Last November, Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis received an email that forwarded a note from Republican National Committee (RNC) chief counsel Justin Riemer, with the GOP official questioning the former president’s election claims, according to a forthcoming book by Michael Wolff.

In the note, Riemer reportedly wrote to his RNC colleagues asking why they were backing Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud, while also expressing that the organization raised more cash battling Democrats than challenging election results.

Ellis, who was having dinner with Rudy Giuliani and former New York City police commissioner Bernie Kerik, passed her phone around for everyone to view the message, which reportedly left them “stunned.”

According to the assembled group, it was just one more example of Trump having to fight the GOP establishment, which Wolff details in “Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency,” an early copy of which was obtained by Insider.

Giuliani, who was Trump’s personal lawyer at the time, was incensed by Riemer’s email, according to the book.

“Can you f–king believe this,” he said. “They are backdooring us … doing everything in their power not to help us.”

Kerik reportedly said that the note was akin to saying “f— Trump” and “f— Giuliani.”

An RNC spokesperson denied Wolff’s reporting in a statement to Insider after this story was published.

“As is typical with most things Michael Wolff writes, this story is simply false,” the statement said. “The RNC legal team fought tooth and nail on election integrity efforts for the entirety of 2020, and that continues today.”

Then on Sunday, attorney Jenna Ellis tweeted, "This is true @GOPChairwoman, and you know I have the receipts. Why is the RNC lying and saying it's false?"

Well, following that tweet, guess who blocked Jenna Ellis? None other than GOP Chairwoman herself, Ronna McDaniel.

It really is as though the Democrats have even taken over the RNC. The Republican party needs a massive makeover and I think President Trump is the one to do it.

Regardless of whether or not he runs for president again in 2024, we need his help to straighten out the Republican party and expose all the RINOs.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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