RINO Lindsey Graham Joins Forces with Dems on Immigration

Immigration has never been as big of a problem in our country as it is right this very moment. Joe Biden is single-handedly destroying our country by letting criminals and drugs flood across our border. Since he took office, there have been over 1.5 million immigrants who "got away" and made it into the country. We have no idea where these people are, and these are just the ones that we know about.

Senators Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham recently proposed their “DREAM Act” amnesty, which could potentially provide green cards and naturalized American citizenship to almost two million illegal aliens. The two senators have been presenting this plan since 2017, and now it is making a comeback. If passed, the substantial impact of the act would likely extend far beyond granting legal status to those who entered the country illegally as children.

The estimated two million people who are currently enrolled or eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program would be able to gain permanent residence in the US with the prospective legislation. Senator Graham expressed his view on this matter when he said that these individuals “represent a class of illegal immigrants that have much public support because they were minors brought here by their parents and America has become their home." He then stressed that in order to provide relief to this population, it is important to ensure that Americans recognize that immigration must be addressed in an effective way. On his part, Senator Durbin argued that providing amnesty for DACA recipients is a matter of fairness and justice before praising Graham for his partnership on this bipartisan effort.

Besides offering DACA recipients legal residence status, an amnesty could also open up a new wave of chain migration wherein newly naturalized citizens can bring an extensive number of foreign relatives into the US – estimates range from 10 million to 19 million individuals. Moreover, it could take a toll on American taxpayers - Breitbart News has suggested that offering DACA illegal aliens access to Obamacare would cost about $115 billion while Congressional Budget Office estimates point at $26 billion of potential expenses related to food stamps and Medicaid for 1 out of 5 beneficiaries. What’s more, CBO research from 2013 suggests that such an amnesty would cause wages for domestic workers already in our country to slightly drop regardless of their birthplace.

Once again, we need to focus on legal Americans FIRST!

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