Results of Canvassing Maricopa County Voters CONFIRMS Fraud!

We just caught word of a massive piece of evidence in regard to the voter fraud from November and believe me, you're going to want to read this.

A team is trying to determine whether there was voter fraud during an election by canvassing. Canvassing won't pinpoint the source of wrongdoing, but it will prove that something fishy happened and should be enough evidence for a trial or re-election. The results show 173,000 missing votes and 96k ghost votes.

To explain this a little better, here's what the report said pertaining to the lost votes:

The most problematic issue we have seen in the canvass comes from our analysis of the data showing that Maricopa County is missing votes from an estimated173,104 voters. During the canvass, hundreds of people who showed in the Maricopa County records as not voting in the election reported that they actually did vote in the election

During the canvass, of the 4,570 registered voters we gathered data on, 964 individuals were interviewed at their residence who were registered to vote in Maricopa County but whom the county said did not vote. Of those 964, 34.23%, or 330 people, said they had actually voted. Overall, there were 505,709 people in the county registered to vote who did not have a vote recorded in the election*. Extrapolating these results to the entire county, which can be done at a scientifically correlated confidence level of 95%, it is estimated that 173,104 voters had their votes stolen. Given the canvass confidence interval of 1.5, this number technically ranges from 165,518 to 180,690 voters.

The canvassing effort is has wrapped up, but the forensic audit isn't over yet. The preliminary report was supposed to be released last week, but some members of the team got sick with COVID so we're waiting on them to get better from what I've heard.

Stay tuned because we'll keep you updated as soon as we hear of the results.

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