Republican State's House of Reps Pass Bill to Take Action Against Transgender Sports

I am glad to finally see states standing up to the delusional policies imposed by lawmakers in federal government.

Many people realize that the states hold a lot more power than they utilize.

The Biden administration has recently made it the rule that transgender athletes are allowed to play sports in whatever gender they identify as. Of course, this is almost always going to take place in the form of males competing in women's sports and not the reverse.

However, North Dakota school athletes will soon need to participate on sports teams corresponding with their biological gender following a bill passed on Thursday by the North Dakota House of Representatives.

The North Dakota House of Representatives passed the legislation with 65 votes in favour and 26 against, and it is now slated to head to Senate.

The bill's supporters say that it creates a level playing field for girls who don't have to compete against boys, who may be physiologically stronger and faster.

“This is about girls competing with girls, ensuring equal opportunity and keeping a level playing field in girls’ sports,” said state Rep. Kathy Skroch (R-Lidgerwood), who co-sponsored the bill. “It upholds 50 years of progress and protecting women against discrimination and advocates for the preservation of biological standards.”

North Dakota state Rep. Ben Koppelman, the bill's main sponsor, argued that history and biology supported his position.

He even refers to science as the liberals are supposedly the people of science. The problem is that they leave science behind and only resort to feelings when it comes to this issue.

Koppelman said, “Some have said this bill just doesn’t follow the science. We’ve got science going back well before the United States that backs this. This isn’t new science. Men and women didn’t just cease to exist. They’ve existed for a long time and we’ve been able to recognize the differences.”

His view was backed by state Rep. Kathy Skroch, who co-sponsored the bill. She said it 'upholds 50 years of progress and protecting women against discrimination' while also advocating for the 'preservation of biological standards'.

Opponents of the bill are concerned as to what it will mean for LGBTQ kids. ND House Minority Leader Josh Boschee said that at a time when kids are 'figuring out life', some kids will be told they can't.

Yeah, this isn't figuring out anything. The only thing that needs to be figured out is that boys can't be girls and girls can't be boys. This is common sense and common science.

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