Republican Senator Caught on Camera Trashing Trump (Video)

Another Republican appears to have revealed himself to be nothing more than a RINO. The Republican Party is full with RINOs, which is the problem. Some are out in the open, while others are attempting to conceal it.

But that's what you're seeing now with the Republican Party. It's become the new normal, which is unfortunate.

President Trump even endorsed Arkansas Senator John Boozman, which likely helped him win his race because, whether people like it or not, President Trump's word carries a lot of weight.

During some sort of event, Sen. Boozman was captured on hidden camera declaring that he doesn't think President Trump should compete for re-election in 2024.

But that wasn't all that was said. He certainly opened up when someone had asked him, "What are your thoughts on the legitimacy of the 2020 election? Like, is that something that we should continue to talk about or do you think that’s something that…"

Sen. Boozman responds that, “as far as the legitimacy, I believe strongly that once the states certify… you know each state, they act independently once they certify, then it’s over. Okay, unless, you know, something blatant comes up. But we had a situation with a Republican justice department, you know, and the attorney general said, ‘It’s okay. We looked at these things,’ but once you certify them and go forward, then at that point it’s over.”

“Once the state agrees that hey, this is.. This is the results…we’re going forward, then you have to let it go. This deal about Mike Pence being able to… That was absolutely nuts… that was just…” Boozman says. “You know, if you’ve got a situation where somehow the Vice President can, they’d never leave office. You know, it’s just, it’s crazy… So I think once they certify, constitutionally, that’s where it ends and that’s Tom Cotton’s opinion.”

I just honestly don't understand how anyone with any sense about them could look at everything that happened during the election and conclude that it was not rigged. I really don't see it. In order for me to be absolutely convinced, I would need SEVERAL things explained not with just a plausible explanation, but with a reasonable one, and after a year and a half, I don't see that happening anywhere except for in one instance.

I am willing to concede that the Georgia video footage has more to the story than just that clip that we initially saw. I've seen the longer video and I do think that it's reasonable to conclude that they had packed up the ballots in that location under the table and then got them back out once they were told they were to continue counting.

Now, if people weren't there to watch the count, that's a problem. If they ran them through multiple times as it seems...that's also a problem.

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