Republican Congressman Proves He's Just Another RINO, Gets Heckled for It (VIDEO)

You've really got to be careful nowadays when supporting a Republican candidate for Congress.

We know already that there are many RINOs in the Senate and in the House but especially in the Senate. We know about 18 or 19 of them already thanks to a recent vote on the infrastructure bill.

But we've just received confirmation as to another RINO and I'm sad to say that it's Dan Crenshaw.

I used to support this guy, but over the last year or so, he's really done and said some pretty sketchy things that has put me on alert. But after what he did this week at an event in Chicago, he's sealed the deal for me.

At the event, Crenshaw said, “Don’t kid yourself into believing that’s why we lost. It’s not. I’ll tell you openly.”

Bobby Piton was there, a Republican who is going to be running for a Senate seat in the next election and he challenged Crenshaw on his ridiculous statement, yelling out to him, "You're wrong!"

Crenshaw replied back, "I'm not wrong."

Piton then went on to say that there is proof and that he has some in Arizona. Crenshaw then tried to embarrass him over it saying, "Yeah, yeah. You told me you did the Maricopa. How did that turn out?"

He's asking how it turned out? Umm...the report hasn't been released yet. So why is he acting like a moron and implying that nothing came out of that audit?

If nothing comes out of that audit, I personally would think to myself, okay, maybe no funny business happened. But we already know that there was some shady and illegal activities and this has been confirmed by the folks running the audit in Maricopa County. Even though they haven't released the full report yet, they have still given some information about their findings. They haven't been completely silent.

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