REPORT: Ilhan Omar's Father is a War Criminal Living in US Illegally says GP

DISCLAIMER:  Neither the author nor this site is vouching for the authenticity of this story. We are merely reporting on what The Gateway Pundit has published.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Ilhan Omar's father,  Nur Omar Mohamed (aka Nur Said Elmi Mohamed), was an intricate part of the brutal dictatorship of Said Barre, who is said to have been responsible for the killing of between 100,000 and 200,000 Somalians.

Omar and her family lived a privileged life that ended when the dictatorship was overthrown and they were forced into a refugee camp in Kenya. The Gateway Pundit says that Nur was a government propagandist and was responsible for training Barre's Youth Brigade. He is a communist or at least he was in Somalia.

From The Gateway Pundit

Omar’s father Mohamed, is living in the US.  He and other Somalians like Yusuf Abdi Ali, who killed thousands for Barre, escaped to the West and were not vetted properly before entering the country.  Barre was a dictator and was connected to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Ali is a convicted war criminal who did the killing himself.  Ali has been located in the US working as security at Dulles International Airport and driving for Uber in 2019.  He reportedly lived at one time in Alexandria, Virginia.  Ali was a Colonel in the Somalian Army’s 5th Mechanized Brigade in 1987 and was a graduate of the Pentegon’s Program for Foreign Officers in 1986.  He’s also a war criminal in response to his actions in Somalia.

Nur, Representative Omar’s father, appears to have been a party propagandist under the dictator and was responsible for ‘ideological’ aspects of the Red-Green revolution.  (He worked for the Marxist/Stalinist regime under dictator Baare as a teacher of teachers.) This could have included providing the ideological/political justification for the massacres of the late eighties.

It is not a secret that Ilhan Omar’s father illegally entered the United States.

The Nur family was well connected in the country led by the Marxist regime.  Young Omar went to kindergarten at age four, their family lived in a secure compound in Mogadishu.  When the regime was overtaken, the family caught a plane to escape the country.  The average GDP per capita in Somalia was only $187 dollars in 2010 twenty years after they fled the country when the regime fell. Obviously, Nur’s family was a privileged family.

According to a 2016 article on Omar, when the Marxist regime was being overtaken the secure compound that the family lived in was under attack by 20 armed men, somehow the family escaped.  It is not clear how.  Either the family had superior armed guards within their compound or they bribed the attackers and sent them on their way (or the story is a complete fabrication).

Both Ali and Nur escaped Somalia after the fall of Barre.  Because they were no longer safe there and would have been put on trial and shot if caught, they exited the country. Both ended up in the US and both hid the fact that they worked for a totalitarian regime. Both lied on their Form N-400, Application for Naturalization about their communist background.  (They had to or they wouldn’t be here.)

As you can see below:

The Immigration and Nationality Act (I.N.A.) contains a prohibition on naturalization for anyone involved, within the last ten years, with a group that advocates or teaches opposition to all organized government; or involved with the Communist Party or any other totalitarian party of the U.S. or any foreign state; or who advocates world communism or totalitarian dictatorship even without formal group membership. (See I.N.A. Section 313).”

DISCLAIMER:  Neither the author nor this site is vouching for the authenticity of this story. We are merely reporting on what The Gateway Pundit has published.

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