Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Insults Our Intelligence and Lies About Border Crisis

Members of Congress should not be allowed to serve for decades at a time, and nothing makes that more clear than looking at the way our Congress is run right now.

There are dozens of members who have been there for 10,20,30+ years.

One of the biggest reasons why I say they should be allowed to hold a seat for so long is because they are blinded to the real world and are completely out of touch with real Americans.

I would liken it to when Bill Gates went on Ellen years ago to try and guess the price of certain items. He had no idea because he is so far separated from that world. That's how the Democrats are.

First, the Democrats denied the Antifa even exists as a collective group. We all know that Antifa exists because we've seen the absolute carnage that they have unleashed on multiple cities across the country.

I guess that's just one of their tactics now. Deny that something exists and pretend that it doesn't exist and maybe it will go away. That's not how the world works, that's not how reality works, and that's not what we're going to let happen this time either.

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee recently did an interview with Jonathan Cathcart from MSNBC and said that the only reason that Republicans are saying anything about the border crisis is to distract everyone from the fact that they voted against the recent $1.9 trillion stimulus package aka American Rescue Package.

“We’re gonna get through this but my Republican friends know that they’re only doing this because they voted against the $1.9 billion dollar American Rescue Package…they just want to throw attacks and darts.”

Why is it that while President Trump was in office the Democrats were up in arms constantly over the border?

Why is it that they continued to fight against him in the construction of the border wall? They now want to refuse to acknowledge that there is an issue at the border when there obviously is.

Even this week we've seen the leaked photographs from inside one of the detention centers in Texas. Why is this not something to be concerned with? Why was it OK to be concerned about it while President Trump was in office, but now that Joe Biden is in office, why is it not acceptable to talk about it now?

Republicans are not trying to distract from the fact that they voted against the bill. They're not ashamed of it. They voted against it. To say such a thing is so far separated from reality that it just seems that she is purposely trying to lie.

It honestly seems like it's a game to them, that this is what their job is supposed to be in Congress, that is to lie. The more they lie and the more they distract the better they're doing their job...or so they think.

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