Rep. Nunes And CNN Have A GROTESQUE Quarrel About Lawsuit

Representative  Devin Nunes recently was in an interview with Breitbart and explained CNN got themselves in a rotten pickle over federal judge’s order to respond about a lawsuit that Nunes filed against CNN for discrimination.

CNN wanted an extension, and they got it, but then they let it expire on January 17th this year.

Ever since then they have refused to meet with Nunes and have a conference. This looks terrible on CNN and definitely going to cost them heavily.

“The only logical answer as to why they’re refusing to answer our complaint is because they have no evidence,” Nunes said.

“It’s ironic how all of this blends together. Remember the reason that CNN went with the story in the first place: it was right after the grand opening of the Democrats’ impeachment charade, and I think by all reasonable accounts, I was the person in the lead on that as the ranking member. And they didn’t like that myself, and John Ratcliffe, and Mike Turner and all the members of Congress — Elise Stefanik, Jim Jordan — I think we did a pretty good job without any witnesses practically destroying their entire narrative because all of their witnesses had no firsthand knowledge,” Nunes said on Breitbart News Sunday.

Nunes continued,

“That’s kind of the snapshot in time that this occurs — we’re adjourning to go home for Thanksgiving. This story that had been floating around for many months, supposedly. I was in Vienna meeting with Ukraine oligarchs; we had been questioned by many media outlets about this. Finally, CNN and the Daily Beast bit. The story came out, per usual, on a Friday night right when everyone was getting home. It was designed to maximize damage to me.”

“Shortly after that story went out, we gave a very clear denial — actually to Breitbart — we gave a very clear, long statement saying there was no truth to it, whatsoever. Within hours, and even that night, we said if there isn’t an apology and this isn’t dealt with quickly, we’re going to see you in federal court. I’m not going to debate you and play this tit for tat and play these games. You went with this story, and you don’t have any sources except for Parnas’ dirty lawyer, so do what you should do or we’ll see you in federal court. So, of course, they did nothing over Thanksgiving, and I went into federal court and I had pictures of myself in Benghazi — which is one of the most dangerous places in the world — and then in Malta loading up the remains of a soldier from World War II that we were moving onto an airplane to bring home the remains.”

“So, you know, very clearly, I was doing work that most Americans would expect their chairman at the time of the Intelligence Committee to be out doing. Then, later, Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor said he didn’t even know who I was. Since then, he’s been interviewed and, of course, he said that he wasn’t in Vienna at the time either.”

This doesn't look great on CNN, at all.

H/T Breitbart News

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