Rep. Biggs Seeks Contempt Charges for Rep. Swalwell

Republican Congressman Andy Biggs is calling for Congressman Eric Swalwell to be punished by Congress for his role in aiding Hunter Biden's absence at a scheduled House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday morning.

Swalwell, a Democrat on the Oversight Committee, had reserved a spot for Hunter Biden outside the Senate side of the U.S. Capitol, where the president's son later made a brief statement to the press before skipping the hearing. According to Swalwell, he did this in order to ensure that Hunter had a safe place to speak to the press and to prevent any disruptions from Republican protesters.

However, Biggs, a member of the Oversight Committee, sees Swalwell's actions as aiding and abetting Hunter Biden's deliberate absence from the hearing. "Nobody gets to do that," Biggs told Fox News Digital. "He was sent subpoenas. He was told to appear."

Biggs went on to say that he believes Swalwell should also be held in contempt for his role in aiding Hunter's absence, and that he should face punishment along with the president's son. "We're going to vote to hold him [Hunter Biden] in contempt. We probably need to vote Eric Swalwell in contempt, because the rumor is that Mr. Swalwell aided and abetted him by setting up his facilities so he could have his [press] conference across the way," Biggs said.

Swalwell has defended his actions, telling Politico that there is "absolutely zero evidence" of any wrongdoing by Hunter or his father, President Joe Biden. "So I’m not going to sit quietly and let MAGA Republicans do Trump’s bidding in Congress," Swalwell said.

Biggs believes that if the House holds Hunter Biden in contempt for his absence at the hearing, then the precedent set should require Attorney General Merrick Garland to charge him. "He went after Steve Bannon and several others. He should go after Mr. Biden as well," Biggs said, referencing Bannon's contempt charge for failing to cooperate with the now-defunct Jan. 6 select committee's investigation.

Despite the House Republicans' efforts to hear from Hunter and the president's brother James Biden as part of their probe into possible corruption by Joe Biden, Hunter chose to skip the hearing and instead speak to the press. In his statement, Hunter accused Republicans of not wanting an open process and of using baseless inquiries to attack him.

Biggs, however, sees this as a deliberate attempt to avoid answering any questions and further stonewalling the investigation. He believes that Hunter's absence and Swalwell's involvement warrant punishment and that the attorney general should be held accountable for not pursuing charges against Hunter Biden.

"We were all sitting there. We had a court reporter there, Democrats were there. Republicans were there. We were ready ... Mr. Biden chose not to come," Biggs said. "He should face consequences for his deliberate avoidance, and so should Congressman Swalwell for aiding and abetting him."

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