Recent ANTIFA Terrorist Attack Proves Bigger Plan

While the left says they’re for law and order, they are not. Leftist judges and prosecutors ignore criminal activity when it fits with their devious agenda. However, anyone with an opposing viewpoint will be hounded. Many, such as the hundreds of protesters present at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, will be persecuted for crimes they did not commit.

But the same type of justice does not happen when leftist radicals burn and destroy communities. Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are such anti-American factions. Leftist Democrats even provide funds to bail these types of criminals out of jail. They have an agenda. One glaring example happened recently in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Atlanta metro area law enforcement and first responder teams developed a facility to help train these professional men and women. It is a location designed with helping keep Atlanta residents safer and more secure. But that’s not how the radical left envisions the new training facility. Radical mobs refer to it as “Cop City.”

It establishes a fortress to help fight the chaotic anarchy the left is trying to ignite. Recently, they set out to destroy the facility. Federal authorities arrested 23 individuals who were causing widespread violence at the future training facility. Construction sites were set ablaze! But the perpetrators weren’t Georgians who were against supporting local law enforcement.

Exactly two out of the 23 arrested were from Georgia. Of the individuals charged with domestic terrorism, two weren’t even from the United States. This was a well-planned, perfectly orchestrated attack on the rule of law. These weren’t violent protests. They were far worse. This was an attack at America’s core. It was an assault on the orderly rule of law.

The left supports a lopsided system of justice. They are trying to destroy the rule of law. Otherwise law-abiding Americans are said to be anti-American anarchists. The opposite is true. Leftists promote violence in U.S. cities, put up barriers to a fair system of justice, all the while allowing America’s greatest cities to deteriorate so rapidly that residents no longer feel safe.

Anarchy and chaos are what the left wants. When such conditions exist in a society, the fabric of that society begins to unravel. People begin to distrust the very neighbors who live beside them. The manipulative corruption by “supposedly” elected leaders becomes inconsequential. Self-entitled elites can secure an even greater level of power and control.

Law-abiding Americans do not want to resort to violence to preserve their way of life. However, if we continue to be apathetic about the dangerous direction in which our nation is headed, peaceful citizens will be compelled to retaliate with force. Regardless of which side wins, it will not be pleasant. All Americans should review what happens when armed conflict happens on our own soil.

In today’s America, a battle between divided political ideologies will make the “Civil War” look like a backyard brawl. Nevertheless, there is still hope. Americans have an alternative. It is the power of the vote. Each and every political candidate who proclaims themselves a radically progressive Democrat must be defeated. The consequences of anything else will be disastrous.

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