Rapist Released From Jail Due To Coronavirus Then Murders The Woman He Raped

Ibrahim Bouaichi was convicted of kidnapping and raping a woman last year the woman testified against him and he went to jail without a bond. Bouaichi was released from jail earlier this year due to the Coronavirus

After Bouaichi was released from jail he found and killed the woman that testified against him. According to Alexandria police Bouaichi, 33, fatally shot the woman in late July.

Bouaichi was tracked down by authorities on Wednesday, but he shot himself and was in grave condition.

When the pandemic hit Bouaichi lawyer said that he should be freed awaiting trial because the virus endangered both inmates and their attorneys. He was released on $25,000 bond over the objections of a prosecutor.

According to TheWashingtonPost

The incident in Karla Dominguez’s apartment last October was violent, and it was not consensual, she testified in Alexandria District Court in December. The man she accused was indicted on charges including rape, strangulation and abduction and jailed without bond in Alexandria.

Then the coronavirus pandemic hit. Ibrahim E. Bouaichi’s lawyers argued that the virus was a danger to both inmates and their attorneys, and that Bouaichi should be freed awaiting trial. On April 9, over the objections of an Alexandria prosecutor, Circuit Court Judge Nolan Dawkins released Bouaichi on $25,000 bond, with the condition that he only leave his Maryland home to meet with his lawyers or pretrial services officials.

On July 29, Alexandria police say, Bouaichi, 33, returned to Alexandria and shot and killed Dominguez outside her apartment in the city’s West End.

When police couldn’t find Bouaichi after the slaying, they issued a video news release asking for the public’s help in locating him, declaring him “armed and dangerous.” Then on Wednesday morning, federal marshals and Alexandria police spotted Bouaichi in Prince George’s County and pursued him, causing Bouaichi to crash, authorities said. When the police went to arrest Bouaichi, they found he had apparently shot himself. He was reported to be in grave condition Thursday.

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