Racist Prosecutor Who Charged McCloskey Couple in St. Louis Now Facing Charges - May Lose Law License!

We all know of the riots that took place nearly every day last summer following the death of George Floyd.

Those morons didn't have any real purpose other than terrorizing people and looting. That's all they wanted was power and stuff.

I'm sure that you remember the McCloskey couple who went out to defend their property with guns after a group of thugs broke through their gate and entered into private property.

Ultimately, the prosecutor, Kim Gardner brought charges against them.

Granted, St. Louis is like any other big city; there are the good parts and there are the bad parts that you just don't want to go to.

But I never knew how bad things were with the legal side of things until I started hearing about people like Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. This woman is evil and now, it's coming back to bite her.

This woman is responsible for many open-and-shut cases because she claims that the officers were racist. In fact, she even refused to charge a HUGE drug dealer who was caught with 1,000 opiate pills and $30,000 in cash. This incident was actually caught on video which I'll have down below.

KMOV reported,

An investigation by the state’s Chief Disciplinary Counsel has found probable cause that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner committed professional misconduct, after complaints made by the legal team representing former Governor Eric Greitens.

A state website published Tuesday Gardner’s name in relation to a pending disciplinary hearing, that indicates she is the subject of an alleged ethical violation. The Circuit Attorney will likely face a disciplinary panel to weigh the allegations and make a finding. Ultimately punishment would be decided by the Missouri Supreme Court and could range from an admonishment to suspension or revocation of her law license.

It’s not known yet the exact nature of the violations. A request for comment from Kim Gardner’s office went unanswered Tuesday evening.

Attorneys representing former Governor Greitens filed complaints against Gardner’s law license shortly after the conclusion of the criminal case back in 2018…

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