Racist Hiring Manager Admits Disliking White People and Hires Based on Race

I know I've mentioned in the past that I used to work for a corporation that had racist policies. However, it wasn't the kind of racism that you might think it is; in reality, it was quite the opposite of what you might expect.

It was highly unlikely that someone who was not black or a member of another minority would be promoted to a position that was even remotely decent. That is with the exception of the highest positions, which were exclusively held by white people for obvious reasons. I'm sure they suffered from some form of "white guilt," and as a direct result, they chose to only hire black supervisors underneath them. The unfortunate fact of the situation is that this is true.

But recently, we've seen this actually playing out in other woke companies as well. But it has never been more apparent than what Dropbox's hiring manager just admitted to publicly.

In one tweet, Jasmine Friedl, who is the hiring manager at Dropbox admitted that she doesn't like white people and hires them based on their race.

She tweeted, "Things I need more in my life: feminism, comedy, truth, and less white people."

Do white liberals think it's cool or trendy to be against white people or something? They just look like idiots. That's like me, a man, talking negatively about men and how we need less of them. I mean it when I frequently say that liberals have lost all capability of being able to think logically.

“Coming soon: my teams at Dropbox will be hiring product designers! I’ve committed to building a truly diverse design community, so if you belong to our BIPOC communities and have questions that I can answer, hit me up! Here’s some of the roles we’ll be looking for.” she said in another tweet.

And perhaps the most damning tweet, "First up, I care deeply about building teams that represent the communities we work in and the people we serve. I also deeply care about equity in hiring. Therefore, I choose to prioritize folks in our BIPOC and URM communities. My DMs are open for you!"

My friends...this is racist and illegal.

But this is what woke gets you. Don't worry, they'll eventually weed themselves out because they typically don't like to procreate and if we can win the war in the public school system, we have a bright future ahead for our children and grandchildren.

Photo Credit: Ivan Radic

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