Racist Graffiti at California School Turns Out to Be Another Hoax

You can usually count on the radical left to jump to conclusions. It’s one of the progressive, woke culture’s more unflattering characteristics. The problem is, often times they pull the old proverbial “stuff your foot in your mouth” routine.

These wild-eyed tendencies to jump to erroneous conclusions are especially amusing when they turn out to be wrong. That happens frequently. The liberal mainstream media typically snatches these snap-judgments up as well.

One of radical culture’s biggest clanging cymbals is racism. Liberals see racism in everything. It’s become an unhealthy obsession. However, when they scream racist overtures and then the truth comes out, it can be rather embarrassing.

Last week, the unthinkable happened to these radical liberals’ cries for racial justice. The whole thing started when the Sacramento Bee launched an investigation into racially charged graffiti painted on water fountains at C.K. McClatchy High School.

Certainly, there’s not a thing wrong with getting to the bottom of something so racially insensitive. No one should stand for blatant racism. But what the Bee’s investigation revealed was a shocker. But, in trademark liberal form, some jumped to judgment.

They got egg all over their faces. Sacramento City Unified School District Superintendent Jorge Aguilar was one of the first to leap to an unsubstantiated conclusion. “I am both angry and heartsick that racist graffiti was discovered on the C.K. McClatchy campus today,” Aguilar moaned.

Black parents in the school district assured anyone who would listen that there was something gravely wrong in the Sacramento City school district. Well, it turns out; there is something wrong with one member of the Sacramento City school student population.

There’s one other thing wrong with the narrative. The kid who painted up the water coolers with racial innuendos is a black kid. When the video surveillance footage revealed the true skin color of the perpetrator, the liberal wokies started to clamor for excuses.

Many administrators had to backtrack on their comments. The district’s race and equity monitor insisted that this wasn’t even a hate crime. But we ask why not? Just because a black student painted racially loaded references to elicit a response, is it now okay because she was black?

Logic definitely says no. But the liberal playbook can’t handle it when the holes in their ideology get exposed. Maybe the reason is that she’s a black woman. A couple of the truly deranged activists interviewed didn’t even accept the girl’s confession.

We guess the video proof was fabricated, just like most of these crazy insinuations that every white person in America is systemically racist. One of these days, we hope these radicals who spew racism across the country, wake up and realize who the real racists are: themselves.

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