Racist Black Man Gets COLD COCKED By Asian Man Fed Up with His Crap

For some reason, the black community has turned into what is possibly the most racist bunch of people in the U.S.

Maybe it's been something that has been kept in the shadows until now, which is likely because these sort of things don't normally just arise in such a manner as it has.

The media will have you believe that this is an impossibility for black people to be racist...but it's not. And it's not just white people they have been racist against lately, it's Asians as well.

Recently a man stopped biking near a crosswalk where he saw people of Asian ethnicity crossing the street.

He began heckling them with rhetoric like, "Go back to China!" One man, understandably fed up with the man's taunting remarks, approached the heckler from the back and sucker-punched him in the back of the head.

Americans are definitely at their wit's end right now. There is a too much on social media that shows people fighting, yelling insults at each other, and even destroying other people's property just for looking or living life differently.

Why doesn't this sort of stuff make the news? If it's anything about some white guy from the Capitol or a white guy attacking someone of another race, it would be all over the news in order to make them out to be a crazed Trump supporter who is just fulfilling President Trump's wishes.

If we keep listening to mainstream media and the Democratic party, we are going to keep seeing episodes like this. Democrats want people to judge each other by their race, and they want you to believe that not everyone will be responsible for their actions.

We have to work against mainstream media's lies and be peaceable instead. I do remain hopeful that one day soon, all of this racial tension between our country will be done away with. The time that we're living in right now is a terrible sad time and I never thought I'd see a day where racism actually increases in our country rather than decreases.

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