Quick-Thinking Mom Saves Two Girls from Abductor Pretending to Be Their Dad

When it comes to parenting, I'm a stickler about keeping an eye on my kids at all times. I don't trust people; it's as simple as that. I understand that the likelihood of kids being abducted are not incredibly likely, but in the event that someone tries something, like Liam Neeson in the film "Taken," I'm always ready.

Most guys, I believe, have a similar attitude about them. I constantly scout the area whenever I go anywhere, keeping an eye out for questionable people and devising an escape route. Because you never know when something out of the ordinary will occur.

Something similar happened in Florida, when two little girls were rescued from a kidnapper thanks to a quick-thinking mother.

"I saw two children on their bicycles and a male adult behind them," the heroic woman — who did not want to be identified — told Fox7.

As she approached, she said one of the little girls began silently mouthing to her: "Please help me, this is not my dad."

"He was kind of talking over her, right behind her, putting his arm around her neck and saying something in her ear, saying, 'We just moved here, we just want to see how we can help do whatever you're doing,'" she said.

But instead of reacting and possibly escalating the situation, the quick-thinking mom played along, welcoming the "family" into the church... until she had the chance to call 911.

"I engaged in conversation with him," she said. "I said, 'Oh that's nice, where did you move here from?' He said, 'Oh, I am not really sure.'"

That would have immediately been a red flag. You don't know where you moved from?

Some people are absolutely disgusting. But here is what still doesn't sit well with me. This surely happened, but why did we not hear of them being reported as missing and being returned to their parents and how grateful they are that they were found? There must be more to this story somewhere.

I recently read of a similar incident in which a man was trying to do the same thing with another kid and others noticed and stepped up to the challenge to get the kid back to their parents, which happened. They found the kid's dad, and everything was made right. But why is that not mentioned here? Why were two girls not being reported as missing? I'm not implying that this isn't real, but I just wonder what the rest of the details are that these kids seemingly weren't even noticed to have been missing.

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