Questions About January 6 That the Sham Committee Isn't Asking

I honestly don't think that we'll ever really know what all happened on January 6, 2021. Sure, we have a committee that is supposed to be investigating it, but they are just out for blood, not truth.

But there are so many questions that remain unanswered, and the sad part is that nobody is even asking them, including the Jan 6 committee.

President Trump offered enhanced protection on that day, so why did Pelosi reject it? As a result of what happened on January 6th, some Capitol Police officers committed suicide. Is it the pain of suffering an injury, or is it the weight of shame or guilt to blame? What would lead them to do such a thing? Remember, too much coincidence is no coincidence.

Pelosi was able to make half the country look like "insurrectionists" by using Capitol Police, but did they realize it? Was Officer Sicknick's death brought on by the stress of learning this information? While so many police officers were being slain and vilified as racist murderers across the country, his ashes were lying in state at the Capitol.

Is it possible that AOC was forewarned about something "bad" taking place a week before the 6th of January? Who was it that forewarned her? Why did she get a warning, but not everyone else? Perhaps others were forewarned, but only AOC made this knowledge public. In the end, she almost blew the whole thing apart. It's a rare blend of idiocy and excitement that this woman has.

Why did a man come forward to reveal that he had been recruited to cause chaos on the day in question? He refused to say who had paid him, but he wanted the world to know he had been hired. Neither OAN, Fox, nor Newsmax aired this video more than once. Who put a stop to it?

And we now know that the photo of the Trump supporter sitting at Pelosi's desk with his feet up was taken by an AFP reporter. What were all of these reporters doing in her office? Have they been arrested as well?

Why haven't we been shown all of the video that was captured on that day? Is it because much of it is exculpatory? On the steps of the Capitol on January 6th, an angry Trump supporter confronted Capitol Police officers and begged them to call in reinforcements to protect our Capitol. Why was this video not released for six months?

There is still so many things that don't add up about that day, but when you have such a corrupt government that feels like they have to hide everything, this is the result that you get.

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