Queen Elizabeth's Cause of Death Finally Announced

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth passed away into Glory in early September at the age of 96 years old.

It's quite remarkable for someone to live until the age of 96. Her husband, Prince Philip actually lived longer prior to his death passing away at the age of 00, just one month short of turning 100 years old. For goodness sakes, they were married longer than many people live.

But it was never announced as to what exactly Queen Elizabeth's cause of death was. Last week, the details were finally announced. According to her death certificate, she simply died of old age.

That's sort of refreshing isn't it? Not dying of some disease or something horrible. Just dying of old age.

According to the New York Post,

The much-loved 96-year-old monarch’s death was listed as being at 3:10 p.m. on Sept. 8, less than 3 hours after Buckingham Palace had warned that her doctors were “concerned for Her Majesty’s health.”

It was also three hours and 20 minutes before the royal family formally announced that she had “died peacefully at Balmoral,” her Scottish retreat.

The timing meant that the UK and its Commonwealth had for hours unknowingly been under the reign of a new monarch, King Charles III.

It also meant the queen was already dead when a plane-load of her royal relatives — including new heir apparent Prince William — landed in Scotland in a doomed race to see her.

The group, including two of the queen’s sons, Princes Edward and Andrew, touched down just before 4 p.m., looking crestfallen as they arrived at Balmoral nearly two hours after the monarch had died.

Exiled Prince Harry, who was forced to travel alone, arrived even later, learning of his grandmother’s death via online reports, palace sources told Page Six.

I actually know someone else who passed away this past week who was 105 years old. Not many people can brag about living that long. Plus, he survived coming down with the dreaded "you-know-what" sickness. At one point, he was put in hospice care and sent home to die in peace and comfort. He beat the odds and ended up living a couple more years.

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