Quadruple Vaxxed Biden Promised You Can't Get COVID If You Get Vaccinated...Then Gets Virus

There are various ways in which irony can manifest itself. An ironic turn of phrase might sometimes occur after a really profound statement has been made. When what was spoken turns out to be either shockingly true or incorrect, it creates what is known as a "irony of the moment."

Many "ironic moments" have emerged as a result of the pandemic. All the way from Dr. Anthony Fauci's string of useless ideas (many of which turned out to be incorrect) to boasts like "give us two weeks to flatten the curve!"

Nothing "flattened" except the many liberties once enjoyed by Americans. While there have been several "ironic COVID proclamations," the baseless boasts about the vaccination have proven to be the most "ironic."

First, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden openly questioned vaccine efficacy when they were part of President Trump’s warp speed initiative. Once Biden stole his way into the White House, “the jab” was going to be the “save all panacea for mankind.”

The vaccine, while helping people with multiple co-morbidity, has been essentially worthless. Exactly one-year ago to the day, Joe Biden proclaimed the COVID-19 vaccine as a must-get medicine to slam the door on the virus. It was not.

On July 21, 2020, Biden said, “The various shots that people are getting now cover that. They’re okay, you’re okay. You’re not going to; you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.” Joe Biden was suddenly a world-renowned epidemiologist.

To be quite honest, this is a medical claim that he shouldn't be making. People go to jail for saying stuff like that in the real world. That's why if you've ever been a part of an MLM, you know that you're not allowed to make certain statements about the products like it'll cure this or that.

He essentially guaranteed the American people that if they risked being injected with an experimental drug, they “would not” be able to catch a deadly disease. Isn’t it rather “ironic” that this same “world-renowned expert” tested positive for COVID on July 21, 2022?

Biden has been double vaccinated and double boosted. According to Joe Biden, in July 2021, he had a protective barrier against ever catching the virus again. That has turned out to be not only a lie, but a blatant lie at that.

In fact, new statistics are showing that the vaccinated are more prone to catching new COVID variants than the unvaccinated are. There is still little to no open conversation about how people with robust immune systems are resistant to infection, or how natural immunity might be better.

This B.S. narrative about the efficacy of an experimental medicine has been nothing short of a “wagon-side sales pitch” by a “snake oil salesman.” It turns out the COVID-19 vaccine, while helping to reduce what are now mild symptoms, is nothing more than a “Wild West elixir.”

It’s surprising that Joe Biden doesn’t send a team traveling around the country pulling a covered wagon loaded with vaccine doses. “Get your magic COVID elixir here today!” “It’s the magical forever cure-all for any deadly virus, plus it prevents hair loss!”

Furthermore, it’s ironic how the vaccine’s performance shuttered the screams for “vaccine mandates.” Everyone wishes Joe Biden a speedy recovery. Nevertheless, it’s still amusingly ironic that “a snake oil salesman” caught the virus his “snake oil” was supposed to prevent.

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