Proud Patriot Has His Barber Help Him Show His Support for President Trump

Regardless of party affiliation, there’s no way to deny the popularity of former President Donald J. Trump. Even those who hate the wildly popular president are still obsessed over him. But his followers believe President Trump is the best thing that’s happened in America for years.

Millions of Americans still support him because he did good things for our nation. Donald J. Trump is a complete contrast to the abysmal failure that stole a second term from him. Joe Biden is President Trump’s complete opposite.

Biden fumbles through press conferences. No one has confidence in him. His approval ratings show how unpopular he is. Even those who say they voted for him are having buyer’s remorse. However, especially among his steadfast supporters, President Trump is as popular as ever.

Millions of Americans are questioning their judgment. Those who support President Trump are saying, “We tried to warn you.” Common sense patriots are asking the naysayers if a few tough tweets aren’t better than a goofball who has our nation on the verge of a world war.

Every time Americans see the final price at the gas pump, they should think twice the next time they have a chance to choose with their vote. Many Trump supporters are waiting patiently for their favorite president’s triumphant return.

One man showed his support for the former president on his head. The man had his barber craft a likeness of President Trump, on the backside of his head, just behind his left ear. The image was actually quite the masterpiece.

President Trump has an enthusiastic fan base, but it’s going to be difficult to one-up this fellow. However, hairstyles showing respect for him are not isolated to the United States. An example happened ahead of President Trump’s summit in North Korea.

A Vietnamese hairdresser got the idea of offering Trump-style haircuts ahead of the summit. In Hanoi, Le Tuan Duong would do hairstyles to match President Trump’s. The haircuts and dyes became very popular. One motorcycle taxi driver said, “I really like Donald Trump, so I want to have hairstyle.”

This is a huge show of respect from a person who doesn’t even live in America. Duong wanted to show how much respect Hanoi had for President Trump and how much the city believes in peace. These are all examples of how popular the former president still is.

There are probably not going to be many requests for hairstyles with a few patches of scraggly gray sticking out the sides. No one wants to look like Joe Biden. Very few find him appealing. Those who do don’t want anyone to know. Seriously, who wants to look like a clown?

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