Proud Boys Leader Avoids Jail Time By Doing This One Thing That Democrats HATE!

Democrats are the most ridiculous bunch of numbskulls in this country. I mean that with every fiber of my being.

I'm going to prove to you in this article just how braindead they really are.

Get this...they adamantly deny that Antifa exists, but you know who doesn't even question it? The FBI.

It's not even just the Democrats in Congress that are refusing to acknowledge Antifa exists, it's practically any leftist.

How do we know that the FBI acknowledges they're real? Because they recruited a Proud Boys leader to work with them in order to provide them with information on Antifa idiots.

FBI agents recruited a Proud Boys leader to provide them with information about antifa networks months before he was charged with storming the U.S. Capitol with other members of the far-right extremist group, a defense attorney says.

Proud Boys “thought leader” and organizer Joseph Biggs agreed to provide the FBI with information about anti-fascist activists in Florida and elsewhere after an agent contacted him in late July 2020 and arranged to meet at a restaurant, Biggs’ lawyer, J. Daniel Hull, wrote Monday in a court filing.

The two agents who met with Biggs wanted to know what he was “seeing on the ground," Hull said. Over the next few weeks, Biggs answered an agent's follow-up questions in a series of phone calls.

"They spoke often," added Hull, who is petitioning a judge to keep Biggs out of jail pending trial.

If you'll remember, he's not the first Proud Boys leader that the FBI has sought out to work with. We learned of the group's chairman Enrique Tarrio who had previously worked undercover as well.

Tarrio did in fact cooperate with the FBI after he was arrested in 2012, so nearly 10 years ago. But as an arrangement, he worked with them to try and put some human traffickers behind bars and to protect his own family. To me, this seems like a logical move.

Tarrio said, “We must ask ourselves, who is truly upset that there are less human traffickers and drug pushers in our communities.”

So it's not as though Tarrio was working with the FBI in some sort of attempt to set up people who are a part of the Proud Boys organization or anything of that nature. He wasn't some sort of snitch and he wasn't behind any of the mess that happened at the Capitol.

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