Protester Receives Sentence for Protesting OUTSIDE Capitol on January 6th After Prosecution’s Request for Terrorism

On January 6, 2021, Guy Reffitt was at the US Capitol. He was furious. On that crucial day, thousands of patriotic Americans were present in the U.S. Capitol and they were furious as well. They had been present at one of the most atrocious instances of election fraud in the history of our country.

These people were furious. They had witnessed as a successful incumbent president was cheated out of a second term. The dishonest Democratic Party machine and Joe Biden cheated.

Some protesters in the "Stop the Steal" movement incited violence among an otherwise peaceful throng. The violence was isolated, and some people think that federal agents who had been put there deliberately set it off. Guy Reffitt was not one of the people entangled in the commotion.

Reffitt never even entered the Capitol building, an act that has many still locked away in jail. He protested outside, something that is his constitutional right. It doesn’t matter how mad he was or what he said. Reffitt was accused of making “hyperbolic statements.”

But the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that such statements still do not violate the law. Guy Reffitt is yet another in a long line of scapegoats being abused by the so-called January 6 commission. This commission and its investigation are a political sham.

This commission is nothing more than a propaganda machine waging war against President Trump and any American who supports him. It is an assault on a political ideology. Furthermore, it is an assault on American democracy; exactly what the commission claims to be fighting for.

What a total sham. Guy Reffitt never entered the Capitol, nor did he engage in any violence. He said things that the radical left finds offensive. That’s it. Reffitt was recently sentenced for his involvement in a protest.

Reffitt was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for “hyperbolic and rhetorical statements.” Does anyone else appreciate where this is headed? This is an attack on American liberty. We have the right to protest.

But there was another aspect to Reffitt’s sentencing. It did not include an “Upwards Departure for Terrorism”. Prosecutors are threatening otherwise innocent Americans with this charge. They believe that when confronted with such a strong sentence, they will back down and plead out.

Most of those still awaiting trial are charged with misdemeanors. The charges stem from trespassing to remaining in a government facility. There are virtually no charges remaining that involve violence. Americans are being persecuted for protesting.

Americans have the right to protest, especially when a political party manipulates and cheats to win a presidential election. These types of horrific crimes only happen in third-world countries. Well, that is, until the radical left stole the 2020 presidential election from President Trump.

What happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, is sad. But it wasn’t an insurrection. In fact, most of those caught up in the chaos were guilty of little more than poor judgment. However, that’s not how things are being handled. This is political persecution.

This was a purposefully ignited situation that the progressive left had a plan for all along. They knew what they were going to do. Progressives knew conservatives were mad. They infiltrated the protests and triggered a riot. Now, they’re trying to label protesters as terrorists.

They have used the subsequent arrests to persecute innocent Americans. This isn’t about getting to any truthful conclusion. The truth is clear. Some people made bad judgments. However, the ferocious manner in which they are being persecuted is all-too revealing.

This is a political witch hunt to smear President Trump and force his supporters into submission. It’s nothing more. Conservatives cannot quit now. The fight has only begun. The real fight for democracy isn’t by some sham commission; it’s the fight against that corrupt commission.

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