Protest Breaks Out At Cal State LA

In a tense situation unfolding at Cal State Los Angeles, pro-Palestinian protesters have taken drastic measures by barricading the Student Services Building, where campus President Berenecea Johnson Eanes is reportedly sheltering in place. The protest, which began over a month ago with encampments on another part of the campus, escalated dramatically on Wednesday.

A breakaway group of protesters began piling up furniture, overturned golf carts, and tables to create barriers around the Student Services Building and its surrounding plaza. They even removed office equipment like copy machines and additional furniture from inside the building to reinforce their makeshift barricade late into the evening.

President Eanes, who has been leading the campus since her appointment last year, has her office on the eighth floor of the building. As the situation escalated, the college administration instructed employees in the Student Services Building to shelter in place, while others on campus were advised to leave. By late afternoon, AIR7 HD captured aerial footage showing that most of the campus beyond the Student Services Building appeared deserted.

Campus spokesperson Erik Hollins confirmed that fewer than a dozen school employees remained in the building as of Wednesday evening, but did not specify whether President Eanes was still among them. "I can confirm that there are still a small number of administrators in the building," Hollins stated. "We are working through options to bring this fluid situation to the best resolution possible."

The scene outside the building was marked by a group of protesters, many with their faces covered, stationed at the entrance. Pro-Palestinian graffiti adorned many of the ground-floor windows and some upper floors, indicating the messages were painted from within the building.

Despite the gravity of the situation, there appeared to be a minimal presence of campus police or officers from other agencies. The LAPD confirmed to Eyewitness News that they had not been asked to intervene.

The school administration has labeled the protest as "unauthorized protest activity." Observers noted that the protesters seemed prepared for a prolonged occupation, bringing in food, supplies, and even diapers.

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