Prosecutors Identify Ruthless Police Captain Who Beat Woman with Metal Baton to Near Death

The dishonest Democrats in control of the House of Representatives formed up an investigation committee to look into what happened on January 6, 2021. The objective has never been to uncover the truth. The House Select Committee from January 6 is a charade.

The committee is made up of Trump-hating bureaucrats who were selected by Nancy Pelosi. The committee is not interested in facts. They seek to discredit every American who participated in a legitimate demonstration against the rigged 2020 presidential election.

Every person who came together to protest the election has become a target. The committee is a farce. There have been so many questions regarding the biased "made-for-TV" program that a date for the next hearing has yet to be determined.

The ruse is losing its appeal. But this dishonest charade involves more than just the fictitious prosecution of a large number of President Trump's supporters. The fact that dozens of individuals were involved, people who did not support the “Stop the Steal” protest, is eye-opening.

Virtually none of these individuals have been arrested or charged with anything. People who broke the law, including Capitol Hill Police officers, are being allowed to walk away unscathed. One Rochester, Minnesota woman was nearly beaten to death by D.C. police.

Victoria White did nothing more than attend the Stop the Steal protest. According to her attorney, Joseph McBride, White did nothing wrong. However, she was eventually arrested and charged with assault. But Victoria White is the one who was assaulted.

White was bludgeoned nearly three-dozen times for nearly five minutes. The battered woman was begging for mercy the entire time. White was struck by police from behind and face-on. She was poked and smacked in a manner designed to inflict as much pain as possible.

This is blatant police brutality. Even when Victoria White fell to the ground, officers yanked her up and started to beat her again. Despite being incapacitated by the brutal beating, police still sprayed mace in her face.

After she was beaten defenseless, an officer wearing a white shirt committed the most heinous act of all. As White is barely able to stand, the officer rears back and punches her in the face five times. In White’s DOJ report, there is no mention about any of this brutality.

This was a brutal beating by law enforcement that is common in third world, rogue nations. It does not represent what the United States stands for. The notion that there is no mention of White’s brutal beating as part of her DOJ report is absurd.

This should frighten every conservative in America. The corrupt mainstream media has never made even the slightest mention of this blatant police brutality. The officer who brutally beat White was Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) commander Jason Bagshaw.

Bagshaw has a longstanding history of using excessive force and violence. He shot and killed a man while the man was having dinner with his wife. Bagshaw has a 19-year history full of these types of complaints. MPD policies forbid this type of excessive force, especially face punches.

Conveniently, the department says they were unaware that surveillance footage was available. Even after White’s attorney made the video available, there still hasn’t been a single charge filed against Bagshaw. This further proves that the January 6 committee is a sham.

When incidents like this are revealed, the truth is obvious. The committee isn’t after the truth. All the progressive left wants to do is destroy President Trump and his supporters. In the end, as Americans become aware of more incidents like these, the scam may turn inside out on itself.

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