PROOF! Pentagon LIED About Abandoning Service Dogs in Afghanistan (VIDEO)

It wasn't that long ago that Baghdad Biden was promising that the evacuations from Afghanistan wasn't going to be something crazy like what we saw with Saigon in 1975.

Back then there were Americans fleeing from the rooftop of the U.S. Embassy just to get out of there. Wait a minute...that's exactly what happened this time!

Despite all the good faith and efforts during the hasty evacuation, there were several Saigon moments at the Hamid Karzai International Airport, and one of the most heartbreaking involved dozens of dogs contracted from a local shelter in Kabul to work with American military personnel.

K-9s trained by U.S. troops left with their human handlers, but the contract dogs were abandoned in their crates and left to deal with Taliban fighters sent to occupy the airport after the last American flight.

It is very unlikely that the local shelter will be able to get these dogs back now that the Taliban is in control. The extreme and completely misguided interpretation of Islam that the Taliban follows precludes them from caring for these dogs.

These dogs served various missions, but the most important was to detect explosives that could have been smuggled into the airport by ISIS terrorists, many of whom are part of groups that have been infiltrating the Taliban for years.

Then, on Tuesday, the Pentagon denied that any dogs that had worked with the U.S. military were left behind in the country while acknowledging that a series of social media posts about nonmilitary evacuation of Kabul pets caused confusion.

"To correct erroneous reports, the US military did not leave any dogs in cages at Hamid Karzai International Airport, to include the reported 'military working dogs,'" said Eric Pahon, a spokesman for the Defense Department.

However, let me point out one thing. They said they didn't leave behind any dogs at the airport. That doesn't mean that they weren't left behind somewhere else.

Well...they lied. Here's the proof!

USA Today

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