Professor Claims Anti-Cheating Rules Are Racist Against

Secondary students take their national examinations in Mogadishu, Somalia, on 22 May 2018. Original public domain image from Flickr

A professor at the University of Cincinnati has made the claim that rules against cheating unfairly single out black and "Latinx" students. His claim is that more black and "Latinx" students are accused of cheating and plagiarism when compared to their peers.

Here's the thing. In my opinion, it doesn't matter how many black, Latino, white, purple, Chinese, or whatever ethnicity or color their skin is, people are accused of plagiarism or cheating. What matters is how many are WRONGLY accused of plagiarism or cheating.

Just because one group is accused more doesn't mean that they're not actually guilty more often. That's a sentiment that is pervasive throughout our entire society. Black people want to claim that they're singled out more because they're black. Maybe it's because they do things more often than other groups. Does anyone ever bother considering that? Of course not.

So, until someone shows me statistics that prove that they are being wrongly accused of cheating and plagiarism and that they are not, I don't care if they cry about it.

Plus, I think that the statistics that they gave are a joke anyway. According to "Let's Talk About Race and Academic Integrity",

[In a study], Black and Asian…students reported being accused of plagiarism [twice that of] any other group… Further, Black students were the most likely to report being accused of cheating in college (9 percent of Black students reported being accused of cheating in a college course, compared to 6 percent of all students).

So, the difference is only 3%. When we look at the numbers in the study, there were "about 2000 students" across 98 universities. Were any of these universities black universities? because that will make a difference in the numbers. That extra 3% amounts to only "about" 60 more students. That number amounts to LESS than 1 more black student per university. That isn't a stretch at all.

This is just another effort to dumb down our society, make excuses for certain ethnic groups, and employ racism in our institutions.

Photo Credit: Ivan Radic

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