Pro-CRT Professor Labels White People as Villains 'Take These Mother F-ers Out'

The woke revolution is trying to destroy the heart and soul of the United States of America. These radical liberals want to dismantle every piece of cherished American history. They want to turn this great nation against itself.

They hate the country that gives them the freedom to speak freely. One of their biggest weapons is Critical Race Theory (CRT). According to these lunatics, every white person is a bad person. We should all feel guilty for being white. It’s insane.

One of the most insane advocates of this ideology is a Rutgers University professor. Professor Brittney Cooper is a radical activist for feminism and CRT. She doesn’t want honest and open discourse about how to voice different opinions.

Cooper just wants white people to get out of the way of her radical ideology. This is the nutty professor who blamed COVID deaths on people who supported former President Trump. She called white people villains, and said that they deserve a declining white birth rate.

This woman is a poster child for reverse racism. Brittney Cooper and people like her are the real problem in America. America is not systemically racist. There are crazy radicals who are systematically trying to destroy the fabric of our great nation.

Through CRT, these anarchists are trying to force a guilt complex on people who have nothing to feel guilty about. Cooper really thinks that critical race theory is the right way to teach American history, despite it being totally devoid of the truth.

Certainly, America has experienced growing pains over the years. We are not perfect. However, we are the greatest experiment in self-governance in the history of the world. No other country has even come close. There has never been a more compassionate nation.

We are not systemically racist. Cooper doesn’t believe in America’s greatness. In fact, she insists, “We gotta take these motherf***ers out, but, like, we can't say that, right?” People, like Brittney Cooper, are not trying to help America improve; they’re what’s wrong with America.

The conservative group Campus Reform tried to engage this militant radical, but Cooper did not reply. Her email response says that she is “not regularly checking email because she is on sabbatical leave”. Proud Americans can only hope this is true, and it’s a permanent sabbatical to another country.

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