'Pro-Choice Men' Expose the Rank Hypocrisy of Pro-Choice Women (VIDEO)

I love when the illogical positions of liberals are exposed

Personally, I'm very critical about how someone presents an argument and if I think that it is an illogical position or I feel like they are hypocritical about it, I like to show them by bringing it to an absurdity.

That's exactly what the pro-life group known as Live Action did. They put out a video that is satirical in nature that just proves how hypocritical the "pro-choice" movement is.

In the video, the men explain why аborti0n is so important for women and why it's important to them as well.

“Abortion rights are pro-choice men’s rights,” one of the fake-progressive men says in the video. “I deserve to be free from any responsibility for some girl I get pregnant.”

Notably, he’s wearing a t-shirt that reads, “Husbands and Fathers are Beta Males,” with the added hashtag, “#ProChoiceMen.”

Another “pro-choice” man, aptly wearing a “Her Body, Her Problem” t-shirt, says, “I deserve to enjoy sex without commitment, marriage, or parenthood.”

A “NOT Dad Material” t-shirt-wearing male “feminist” argues, “It’s ridiculous to think that just because I’m the father, I’m expected to be a dad.”

“It’s her body, and it’s her choice … so don’t be asking me for anything,” another man says. His shirt reads, “Pregnant Women Aren’t Women.”

Another male “pro-choice” argument comes from “caring,” of course. “And, look, I’m a caring guy,” he says. “If I get a girl pregnant and then abandon her, I don’t want to leave her alone with a kid.”

You've really just got to see this for yourself.

Last week, the Supreme Court dealt the first blow to Roe v. Wade after they upheld the lower court's decision to allow a Texas bill banning аbortion to remain in effect.

"The Court concludes that the petitioners may pursue a pre-enforcement challenge against certain of the named defendants but not others," the court, led by Justice Neil Gorsuch, said.

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