President Trump's Made a Huge Announcement on Thursday...You'll Want to See This

On Wednesday, President Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to let the world know that on Thursday, he was going to be making a huge announcement.

Well, he certainly made an announcement alright, and if you ask me, the announcement that he made was...well...unexpected.

His major announcement was this:

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! My official Donald Trump Digital Trading Card collection is here! These limited edition cards feature amazing ART of my Life & Career! Collect all of your favorite Trump Digital Trading Cards, very much like a baseball card, but hopefully much more exciting. Go to & GET YOUR CARDS NOW! Only $99 each! Would make a great Christmas gift. Don’t Wait. They will be gone, I believe, very quickly!

Yep. You read that right. Trading cards. But not just trading cards...DIGITAL trading cards. So, basically, they're NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

President Trump's collection, which are expected to feature some of his most iconic moments and statements, is sure to be a hit with fans and collectors alike.

Some of the standout pieces in the collection include a digital rendering of Trump playing golf, in front of the Statue of Liberty, hunting, dressed as a superhero, and many more.

While nobody really knew what the announcement was going to be, the explosion of thoughts on Twitter made it clear that no one had predicted that he would release a collection of NFTs. It wasn't even on anybody's radar. But some people aren't so fond of the idea.

Dana Loesch came right out and said just that, tweeting, “Didn’t have trading cards on the bingo sheet.”

Red State’s Brandon Morse suggested that Trump should have taken the project a bit further, creating a trading card game instead of just the digital cards.

“Can’t help but think Trump missed out on the opportunity to make Pokemon/Magic the Gathering-style cards but with modern political entities and events instead of monsters and land. Hold tournaments at rallies. Make high-value collectibles, etc,” he said.

“We have a nation going down the toilet, and Donald Trump is selling Pokémon cards. No thanks. And those of you with your secret decoder ring trying to figure out why need to STFU,” The Blaze’s Chad Prather responded.

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