President Trump Demands Reparations...But Not for Slavery

President Trump made a massively powerful speech over the weekend at the GOP conference in North Carolina.

In a bold move, President Trump said that China should be held responsible for the (forbidden illness) and that they should pay reparations to the United States $10 trillion for how our economy has been dramatically changed and for the lives lost.

But he went even further saying that countries that owe money to China should refuse to pay them.

I'll admit that this is a risky move and could potentially bring war if countries just stopped paying China what they owe.

"The time has come for America and the world to demand reparations and accountability from the Communist Party of China. We should all declare with one unified voice that China must pay, they must pay. The United States should immediately take steps to phase in a firm 100% tariff on all goods made in China..."

This is something that I have been saying since the start of the pandemic. If China is found to definitely be responsible, then I think is should be on them to pay for the damage that they have done, especially to the United States.

I think if President Trump were still in office, that this would have actually taken place, but Joe Biden is a softy and he's scared of President Xi and China and so he's not going to do anything to stoke the fire. He'd rather just let it die.

One thing that I also thought was great was that President Trump pointed out that as much as the Democrats and Joe Biden railed against the tariffs that President Trump imposed on China, he hasn't even taken them off. He knows that they're good for America's economy and so he's quietly leaving them in place. President Trump is a businessman who knows how to get things done, and if he can get back in the White House in 2024 along with a Republican-controlled Senate and House, he could get a whole lot more done.

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