Powerball Winner Wins TWO Times In One Day Resulting In Millions In A Jaw Dropping Way

One extremely lucky man in Pueblo, Colorado has won not One but TWO Powerball tickets in one day resulting in $2 Million. He says he bought one ticket in the morning and one ticket in the evening at separate places.

Not only that but he has a remarkable story to go with it. For thirty years "Joe B" has played the same numbers, 5-9-27-39-42. It has finally paid off for him undeniably.

According to CNN:

He bought the two tickets last month, once in the morning and once in the evening. The tickets, bought at separate places, were for the same set of numbers: 5-9-27-39-42.

The Colorado man has been playing that same set of numbers for 30 years. Now, with a couple million in his pocket, that dedication has paid off.
As for what he plans on doing with the money, he told the claims staff that "the boss," also known as his wife, "has plans for it."
Though the chances of winning the lottery twice in one day are rare, this has happened before.
Earlier this year, a man in Delaware accidentally bought two of the same Powerball tickets, resulting in a $100,000 win before taxes.
The same thing happened to a woman in Virginia, back in 2012. She also mistakenly bought two Powerball tickets with the same number, and -- exactly like "Joe B" -- won two $1 million prizes.
With so much money now, of course, the news was eager to see how he would spend it. He laughed and said, "The Boss" which is, of course, his Wife who already knew how to spend it.
I'm sure he will end up on My Lottery Dream Home that airs on HGTV and of course upgrading from his minivan to a sports car.
What would you do with so much money?
I already know I would buy a home on the beach and in the mountains with some land.
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