Poll: Almost 80% of truckers vow to stop delivers to cities with defunded police departments

A vast majority of truck drivers are vowing to stop all deliveries to the cities that defund or disband their police departments.

According to a recent poll, seventy-nine percent of truck drivers said they will not deliver to the cities that defunded police departments and that they felt their safety would be at risk when delivering to a city with a disbanded police department.

In 2018 trucking was ranked the number one most dangerous job in America, and I can see why with all the risks like getting robbed of the valuable truck or cargo, the danger of other drivers, hazardous weather, having to still work during the pandemic, people protesting and rioting blocking roads, and a number of other things.

Some truck drivers even responded to the poll saying “Simple. We may not like it all the time, but laws and order is necessary.” and “I will not deliver to an area with a disbanded police department. My life matter and I do this for my family. We are already at the mercy of these towns and cities with laws and hate against us for parking, getting a meal or even using a restroom.”

According to CDLLIFENEWS

As cities across the country are discussing defunding or disbanding their police departments, truck drivers are voicing concerns of safety. Seventy-seven percent of truck drivers say they will refuse to deliver freight to cities with defunded police departments.

Truck driving is historically ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. In 2018, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic reported truck driving as the most deadly job in the country.

Truck drivers have spent the last year on the front line of a global pandemic and protests. Now many are fearful of what might happen if police departments disband or are defunded.

Truck drivers have been voicing their concerns on the CDLLife App. After reading about their concerns, CDLLife posted a poll on the app.

We asked drivers on the app, “Would you pick up/deliver to cities with defunded or disbanded police departments? Why or why not?”

As of June 13, 2020, we’ve had over 1,283 respondents and 79% say they will refuse loads to cities with disbanded or defunded police departments.


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