Political Slugfest: MTG Puts AOC in Her Place After 'Jewish Space Laser' Remark

Republicans and Democrats often take potshots at one another. It’s not uncommon. When two political ideologies are at odds with one another, it’s understandable that debates over policy will become intense. Sometimes, they even get a little heated. But in America today, the cavernous divide between political ideologies is immense.

Most of the blame must be laid at the feet of the radical leftists within the Democrat Party. Far-left Democrats claim to support progressive change. They do not. This small, but steadily growing, faction within the party has an agenda. That agenda is to uproot American values and wipe out the U.S. Constitution.

The far left wants to turn America into a socialist mirror of Communist China. There’s a small group of congressional representatives who are leading this “cabal of corruption.” They have an unofficial leader. Her name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, otherwise known as “AOC.” In a nutshell, AOC is an elite, spoiled New York brat.

Her resume for being elected as New York’s 14th congressional district representative is rather unflattering. She worked as a bartender and a waitress while attending college. AOC has never had any type of job that would make her wealthy. Currently, with about three years under her belt as a U.S. representative, AOC is worth something in the neighborhood of $3 million.

That should raise a few eyebrows by itself. But she’s also totally anti-American. Again, AOC is a spoiled brat. She’s the high school debutante who screams when a “real woman” calls her on her sh**. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a drama queen. She is a wealthy suburban elite who enjoys wielding power and authority over those she considers to be weak.

But when she decides to talk tough against her conservative counterparts in Congress, she better watch out with whom she picks her fights. AOC likes to act tough. In a recent speech, she brazenly slapped her notebook down on the podium in defiance. Unfortunately, AOC is anything but an intimidating person. She’s clearly a frail debutante.

While lashing out at Omar’s removal from the committee, Cortez repeated an attack that Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) believed “Jewish space lasers” were causing wildfires in California.

While it is true that Greene openly asked if light beams from satellites could cause wildfires, she did not mention Jewish people in the often derided Facebook post.


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Twitter Thursday to accuse her colleague, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of being a “coward” and lying about her on national television.

The Democratic lawmaker swiftly fired back, accusing the Republican of failing to do her job in Congress by spending “almost no time” at her committee hearings.

“I have repeatedly asked you to debate me, but you have been a coward and can’t even respond,” tweeted Greene, R-Georgia. “But you go on CNN and lie about me.”

She added: “When are you going to be an adult and actually debate me on policy instead of run your mouth like a teenage girl?”

AOC wouldn’t do well in a so-called cat fight. She’d probably slap at the wind and grasp for a hunk of hair before succumbing in a crouch on the floor, pleading for mercy. Recently, AOC picked a verbal fight with such a woman. Now, fellow congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene obviously has more class in her little finger than AOC has in her entire body.

But from a physical standpoint, thankfully for AOC, congressional battles aren’t won with female brawn. MTG would drop AOC like a fly. Any head-to-head confrontation would be over in a matter of seconds. In all likelihood, being a blowhard, Ocasio-Cortez would probably run to hide under Nancy Pelosi’s skirt for protection.

You see, Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t a debutante. MTG is a Georgia girl, but far from a delicate “Southern Belle.” Taylor Greene is a former CrossFit trainer. Prior to becoming a member of the House of Representatives, MTG co-founded a CrossFit gym in Alpharetta, Georgia. Needless to say, a side-by-side look at MTG and AOC makes the idea of a physical confrontation laughable.

Thankfully, for Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, our society has evolved to a more civil platform for ideological debate. But overcoming the strong, vibrant convictions of Taylor Greene may be an equally daunting task for AOC. Marjorie Taylor Greene supports American values. She’s not a self-entitled, spoiled brat. Some may disagree with MTG’s hard-line opinions, but she’d never be accused of supporting anti-Americanism or socialism.

AOC is a self-proclaimed socialist. She hates the police, hates capitalism, and basically hates America. Marjorie Taylor Greene loves her country. That’s the key difference between these two women. While heated arguments on the House floor happen, they rarely resort to fist-a-cuffs. But if a physical conflict ever did materialize between MTG and AOC, expect a TKO in seconds.

Sources: 100% Fed Up
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore
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