Political Odds in Midterm Election Just Made Another Shift, Here's What to Expect Now

As I've stated before on several occasions, the consensus is that when it comes to the midterm elections, there is going to be a major shift in control as Republicans are expected to pick up a very large number of seats.

I think one of the recent numbers that I've seen is somewhere around 50 seats in the House will go to the Republicans, and I'm not sure how many they're calling for at the moment in the Senate, but it should be at least two which would put control back in their hands. If the House really picks up that many seats, it would be earth shattering for the Democrats.

But according to a recent report, even more seats are expected to head to the Republicans.

The adjustments come as inflation remains at record highs and President Biden’s approval rating hovers just above 40 percent, according to the latest Gallup poll. The six races that Cook updated in favor of Republicans include four in California, one in Pennsylvania and one in Rhode Island.

One of the seats that Cook shifted in the GOP’s direction is Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District, which Rep. Jim Langevin (D) currently represents. Langevin, who is not running for reelection, has held the seat for 20 years, and a Democrat has held the seat for 30 years.

Cook moved the race from lean Democrat to a toss-up race.

Cook also shifted two House races in favor of the Democratic candidate, moving Rep. Kevin Calvert’s (R) race in California’s 41st Congressional District from likely Republican to lean Republican and Rep. María Elvira Salazar’s (R) race in Florida’s 27th Congressional District from solidly Republican to likely Republican.

Dave Wasserman, Cook’s senior editor for the House, concluded that early district-level polling paints a “bleak picture” for House Democrats, with Biden’s approval rating still poor in competitive districts.

I hope they lose even bigger than this. I wish the Senate would end up with 60+ Republicans so that the Democrats can't filibuster anything.

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