Police Officer FIRED After Doing This With BLM

Lexington, Kentucky officer, Jervis Middleton, was unanimously voted out by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council after he leaked information to longtime friend and Black Lives Matter Leader, Sarah Williams.

So what kind of information was it that he leaked? It was information about other officers who were working protests so that those at Black Lives Matter protests can use that information to "insult, intimidate and harass" those officers who were working those events.

While the ex-cop originally lied about passing on personal information about officers that would be policing Black Lives Matter events, when he was confronted with proof of the text messages he had shared with Sarah, he came clean.

His lawyer tried to argue that it was free speech, and that wouldn't get anyone hurt, but we all know how that ends. What's more, his lawyer tried to cry racism as Middleton is African American and claimed he was being harassed and never had his claims looked into.

That might sound solid on the surface (to some) - a man, harassed and dispelled by a system he once believed in turns to an outside organization for help - if he didn't have a history of abusive behavior.

Middleton had recently been demoted after it was discovered he was misusing the department's resources to stalk a woman he had been involved with romantically.

Not quite the stable, innocent man just looking for a way to fight injustice his lawyer would like to paint him as. It sounds more like retaliation for his demotion.

It's a shame when one police officer provides this sort of information about another police officer to a group of bullies with the pure intent on verbally attacking officers with that information. Honestly, with that sort of information, it could have gone much farther than just threatening language. They could have doxxed the officers and attacked them or their families at their homes.

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