Police Give AntiƑa a Beat Down After They Come to Defend Pervert and Attack Women

Over the weekend, a group of protesters assembled to protest against the Wi Spa in Los Angeles.

Women, mothers, and many others were simply fed up with the business and the left letting perverts to relieve themselves, walk around naked or otherwise behave crudely around women and children, showed up to voice their opinions after a woman shared a viral video of her experience.

AntiƑa appeared at the spa to defend the man's right to expose himself in the all-female area of the spa. In typical black-bloc fashion, Antifa's counter-protest was anything but peaceful.

One member of AntiƑa, a group characterized by the left as an "idea," not an organized terrorist organization, pulled his mask down and spat in the face of a police officer.

The officer, probably afraid that the crazed incel had given him ȻOVID, hit the offender with a club. AntiƑa attempted to smoke-bomb the police officers but failed as usual.

“An unlawful assembly was declared. Leave Wilshire and Rampart or be arrested. Immediately go Westbound Wilshire and disperse or you will be arrested. This is an unlawful assembly and the LAPD will arrest you if you do not leave the area immediately,” the LAPD said in an emergency alert on Saturday.

But idiots never listen to warnings like that so that's why the end up getting the mess beat out of them. And all of this because they want to defend a pervert who exposed himself in front of women and children. This is utter ridiculousness, but what else do you expect when you bend a knee to the liberal agenda and accommodate their perversion and mental illness.

This latest assault on civility, along with other large-scale attempts to grant supposedly transgender men privilege while undermining natural women's rights, leaves us wondering what happened to the previously vocal #metoo movement.

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