POLICE BRUTALITY: Officer Grabs Woman by Throat in Rage...But She Wasn't the Suspect! (VIDEO)

Police get a bad rap sometimes, and honestly, sometimes it is well-deserved.

I really do believe that most police officers out there are just trying to do their job and really do just want to keep people safe and enforce the law.

But then you have the bad cops out there who want to abuse their authority and go on a power trip.

In my experience, I've learned that very few people can actually successfully manage having authority over others. In almost every instance, the person ends up abusing that authority and do something that is excessive. Sometimes is comes in the form of firing someone from a job for something petty if you're a supervisor. Sometimes if comes in the form of suspending someone or speaking down to someone if you're a school teacher. Sometimes it comes in the form of over-enforcing the law or even excessive violent force if you're a police officer.

During an incident in Florida back in November of last year, we can see a huge difference between what we're trying to get police officers to be, and what they have been.

In newly released bodycam footage, a female police officer can be seen stopping another fellow officer who happened to be a sergeant, from pepper-spraying a  suspect who is already handcuffed and sitting in a police cruiser.

This should be commended because the pepper-spraying was unnecessary. However, the way that the sergeant responded is abusive.

According to the New York Post,

A veteran Florida police officer is under investigation after he was caught on video grabbing a female cop by the throat when she tried to pull him away from a handcuffed suspect.

Sunrise police Sgt. Christopher Pullease, 46, is accused of attacking the 28-year-old female officer, who hasn’t been named, outside a Shop & Save convenience store on Nov. 19, WSVN reported.

The ordeal unfolded when Pullease and several other cops were arresting a man for aggravated battery after he had hit people outside the store.


The chief released the video without any audio and refused to reveal what Pullease had said to the victim or his fellow officer.

Rosa said Pullease escalated what should have been a calm situation with the suspect.

“I find it to be inappropriate and unprofessional, because what he did is he escalated the situation when calm was actually required,” the chief said.

This guy should lose his badge entirely because a hot-head like this jerk does not need to be out on the streets if this is the way he behaves toward people. Just think, this is a woman who is on his team. How much worse does he behave toward outsiders?

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