Plaintiff in Georgia Election Lawsuit Drops HUGE NEWS on Audit Decision

Earlier this week, we caught word from Bernie Kerik regarding a statement on what we can expect to hear regarding the election and a possible audit to come in Georgia.

Kerik said that what we'll be getting soon is going to be "explosive". It had better be if he's using the word explosive, that's all I've got to say. Sidney Powell let me down, I think I'm still waiting on the Kraken.

But I've learned a little more about what's going on and I believe that he used this time frame in reference to the lawsuit that is supposed to be wrapping up soon in Georgia.

I think what is going to happen is that the Democrats are going to lose their shot at stopping an audit from taking place in Fulton County and that it will begin sometime in July.

Garland Favorito seems to point towards this as well.

The Fulton County officials filed some last-ditch motions to try to avoid being the defendants in the case, which is not gonna work out. The Board of Elections is kind of finger-pointing at the county. The county’s kind of finger-pointing at the process and then the board, so we’ll have to go back to court and resolve all those little technical difficulties which they’re all related to something that Georgia calls Sovereign Immunity and they’re all claiming that they’re immune from being defendants in lawsuits. So, that’s really not the case, it’s just a matter of the judge deciding who is the real defendant. We just served them all and said “we’ll let the judge pick who’s going to be the defendant”.

Favorito also said, that he thinks July would be a realistic date to begin, but that it would likely start sometime around 2-3 weeks following the date that the decision will be made.

I think this is all part of why Ruby Freeman and her daughter were both subpoenaed as well. There seem to be some big things happening in Georgia, I just hope that we're not too late and that they haven't destroyed enough evidence.

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