Pizza Hut Goes Full Woke with "Drag Kids" Book Aimed at Pre-K Children

If you grew up around the same time as me, you may have participated in your school's "Book It" program, which provided you with a free personal pan pizza for reading a particular amount of books.

When I was younger, I used to enjoy reading books, so it made the deal much better when I was able to be rewarded for doing something I already enjoyed.

Well, Pizza Hut isn't the same anymore.

As part of its reading incentive program for children as early as pre-kindergarten, Pizza Hut featured a book about "drag kids."

Children as young as four were encouraged to read "Big Wig," a book about drag kids.

The book honors tiny boys who dress up in wigs, heavy make-up, and dresses to perform for adults.

“When a child dresses in drag to compete in a neighborhood costume competition, he becomes B. B. Bedazzle! A key part of B.B. Bedazzle’s ensemble is a wig called Wig. Together they are an unstoppable drag queen team! But Wig feels inadequate compared to the other, bigger wigs. When Wig flies off B. B.’s head, she goes from kid to kid instilling confidence and inspiring dreams in those who wear her,” the book’s description read.

Honestly, I'm surprised that Pizza Hut is still in business at this point. With places like Dominos, Papa Johns, and Papa Murphy's who all have better pizza than Pizza Hut, you would think that they would have gone out of business already.

Well, hopefully this woke business will lead to the final demise of Pizza Hut. If you work there or have friends or family that work there, I'm sorry, but I hope that they go find another job elsewhere. Somewhere that isn't woke. We've got to stand up against this stuff with our wallets and not just with our words. Our words mean nothing if we still support them with our money.

I have a buddy who knows how woke Disney is, yet he just booked a trip to go to Disney World. He's essentially just ignoring the fact that they're horrible. His justification? "Every kid should go to Disney World they say."

Okay, so let's support the LGBTQ+ agenda by giving them money, but let's talk bad about it to our friends. That's hypocrisy, my friend.

Photo Credit: PorterSIPs

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