Photographer Who Took Controversial Border 'Whipping' Photos Contradicts MSM Narrative Lies

Magicians are gifted with a talent for deception. Journalists spewing the mainstream media’s flood of misinformation are adept at the same skill. The media has become masters at the art of deception.

While the American public is looking at one thing, journalists are either telling them it’s not true, or casting an untruthful version of what appears obvious. It happened again over another incident at our besieged southern border.

Videos and photographs flooded the internet of border patrol agents trying to handle the crisis. Horseback riding agents have been used for years to help control migrant populations. With the recent wave of illegal immigrants wading across the border, they have become critical. Like any horseback rider, border patrol riders use reins to control their horses.

These methods of equestrian control are used to dictate commands to the horse. This art is especially critical during chaotic situations such as border agents are encountering. But true to their colors, the mainstream media turned horse reins into whips of slavery.

They totally disregarded the actual accounts presented by the individuals who took the photos or filmed the videos. The truth did not fit the narrative. This is the art of deception employed by journalists who favor the radical leftist agenda.

It’s beyond just propaganda; it’s flat-out lies to twist the story. These lies are clearly trying to deflect viewers’ attention from the real problem. Is that because they don’t want viewers and listeners to appreciate the truth?

That’s part of the reason. However, the true reason for escalating a story that is simply not true is to use the age-old magician’s trick of deception. The Biden administration can now try to redirect the nation’s focus towards the supposedly bad, and of course racist, border patrol agents.

It manipulates the truth into an untruth, but why? The reason is more alarming than the actual distortion of this single truth. The Biden agenda started with the swipe of a big black magic marker last January. They want to configure the voter demographic to never lose another election.

When Biden undid all the border security measures left in place by President Trump, it was on purpose. The radical progressive wave of the Democrat Party wants the border open. Spewing across the southern border are thousands upon thousands of new liberal votes.

They are guided by this single nefarious purpose. Democrats want to permanently alter the U.S. voter demographic across the nation. The deception of the horseback incident isn’t to point out bad behavior, but to deflect America’s attention, if only for a few moments.

The true motives are continuing to fester. Want to know why the administration seems to not know how many illegal migrants are being strewn across the nation, or where they’re landing? It’s because they’re being strategically scattered to places where the Democrat Party will benefit most.

These migrants have been dumped into Republican states to undermine COVID policies, which contradict the Draconian attempts of the Biden administration. The horseback whipping story isn’t a story at all. The mainstream media’s narrative clearly contradicts the truth.

It goes far deeper than questions about the conduct of a few patriotic border patrol agents trying to perform an unenviable job. It’s purposeful deception. America better wake up soon, or this magic trick is going to transform our nation into something we never believed possible.

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