PENCE FOR PRESIDENT 2024 Campaign Has Already Begun, Trump Says...

Should President Trump win the 2020 Election (which I think he will) Vice President Mike Pence is gearing up to succeed Trump in the 2024 Elections.

He's starting early while he is still in the seat of the Trump train. He is a great Vice President for Trump-supporting him through everything and making sure he introduces the President. However, he seems to be test-driving his own campaign by getting his face out there to the people.

Yahoo News Reports:

President Donald Trump’s bid for a second term in office is giving Vice President Mike Pence an early edge in the race that’s already shaping up for the Republican nomination in 2024.

Pence has lately been a mainstay at Trump’s signature campaign rallies, seldom missing the opportunity to introduce the president while test-driving a few crowd-pleasing lines of his own. The vice president has his own political action committee and has been steadily expanding his travel as a surrogate for Trump, with a particular focus on Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

He’s scheduled to embark on a bus tour through Michigan on Tuesday without the president, who’s in India. It will include a speech to supporters in a hotel ballroom -- a sort of mini-rally.

People in and around the White House believe it’s a foregone conclusion that Pence will seek to succeed Trump. But he hasn’t firmly decided, and his nomination, let alone his election, are much less certain.

“He’s entirely focused on re-electing Donald Trump in 2020,” said Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short.

While 14 U.S. vice presidents have ascended to the White House, eight of them got there thanks to the death of the leader they served. Pence’s chances in 2024 would be undercut by a Trump loss this year; for better or worse, his loyalty to Trump binds him to the president.

Mike Pence has always wanted to be President one day as many classmates in his sixth-grade class have stated. He even went as far as thanking soldiers and recognizing them when his plane landed in Ireland to refuel at the same time that a plane full of soldiers where deploying to the Middle East.

“I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get off Air Force 2 and tell you how grateful we are for each and every one of you,” Pence said.

It's even been said that Trump does not mind that he is wanting to run for President in 2024.

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