Pelosi's Political Hit List Exposed, Look Who's on the List

Speaker of the house Nasty Nancy Pelosi has finally got her motley crew of incompetent swamp monsters aka the January 6th Commission to start investigating something that has already been investigated.

They are really good about doing this sort of thing. They continued to investigate President Trump so they could impeach him even after there was no real evidence.

But Pelosi is the biggest waste in Washington...and I mean that in more ways than one.

Well, Nasty Nancy has compiled a list of people who she's wanting to target and ruin their lives.

Among those most notable on the list are:

  • Greg Locke, who is a pastor.
  • Vernon Jones, the former Democrat Representative who turned Republican and is now running against Brian Kemp in Georgia.
  • Alex Jones, you all know him
  • Michael Flynn, the General who they will not stop attacking.
  • Owen Schroyer, who works for Alex Jones at Info Wars.
  • Jack Posobiec, who is a political activist often seen on Fox News.
  • Roger Stone, no description needed here.
  • Enrique Tarrio, who serves as Chairman of Proud Boys.
  • George Papadopoulos, a former member of President Trump's Foreign Policy Advisory Panel.

There are still several more that she has on her little hit list.

Pelosi is wanting information on these individuals as well as those I didn't even mention. She wants access to all of their communications to try and figure out what went on.

Keep in mind that the FBI has already investigated this and found that this wasn't some organized plot like the Democrats like to make it out to be.

We all know that. It's obvious to us what happened that day, but they're too dumb to see it.

President Trump held a rally where he encouraged people to not give up hope, but to fight. That wasn't President Trump telling them to literally go physically fight. Fight is not a monolithic word used only in one context.

They went to demand that those in Congress listen to them instead of ignoring them which is what they often do. Then, some people instigated the violence and many followed suit thanks to mob mentality. We believe that either someone from Antifa, a government agency, or some plant started all of this.

I've said it before, if it were a coup attempt, there would have been weapons and it would have succeeded, I can guarantee that.

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