Paul Pelosi’s Attacker’s Son Spills the Beans on Paul and Pelosi and DePape's Relationship

Everyone felt bad for Paul Pelosi when he was viciously attacked, and no one can condone such a terrible act. Despite their political ideology, all media personalities sent their best wishes for his recovery.

However, it quickly became apparent that there were a number of strange circumstances surrounding the attack.

For starters, how did the intruder infiltrate a home with such tight security? Surely, this kind of break-in is uncommon, leaving one to wonder how they were able to enter the premises. As more questions arose, the events seemed to be shrouded in mystery. It was clear that something was amiss.

NBC initially reported that Paul Pelosi answered the door for the police. Oddly enough, that initial report was quickly scrubbed, and the reporter vanished from NBC for over a month. That odd series of events was enough to trigger even more questions.

They haven’t stopped. As soon as the story broke, the mainstream media said the attacker was a crazy, right-wing conspiracy nut looking to attack Nancy Pelosi herself. Well, he wasn’t. In fact, David DePape is more of a left-wing lunatic than he is a conservative.

The man accused of smacking Paul Pelosi in the head with a hammer supports BLM. DePape is a self-proclaimed nudist, among other strange beliefs and behaviors. The guy is an illegal alien, in the U.S. by violating federal immigration laws. He’s one of millions.

In a nutshell, David DePape is a nutcase, plain and simple. But according to his own son, DePape may be something far more than your “garden variety” break-in intruder. In fact, DePape may not have broken into the Pelosi home at all.

Mr. Pelosi may have willingly let DePape in. DePape’s son is Nebosvod “Sky” Gonzalez. Gonzalez gave a recent interview to the Daily Mail. During the interview, he revealed some pretty startling information.

Gonzalez says his father wasn’t breaking into the Pelosi residence; he was an invited guest. DePape’s son says his dad was Pelosi’s s*x slave. Gonzalez also told the Daily Mail that his father was anything but a right-wing conservative.

On the contrary, he was a progressive. So, that pretty much blows up the mainstream media narrative that the attack was a hateful assault by a right-wing lunatic. Oh, it was an attack by a lunatic, alright.

However, it appears to have been motivated by something else. What if DePape didn’t break in? It seems odd that prosecutors refuse to let the public see bodycam footage or surveillance video. What are these tapes going to show?

The 19-year-old son of the alleged attacker says his father isn’t a violent person. He questions if his dad even attacked Pelosi on purpose. But why was DePape there? Why did Pelosi apparently answer the door yet not seem to be overly frightened or alarmed?

Seriously, why is there so much secrecy surrounding the video evidence of what happened? The violent assault on Paul Pelosi was horrific. Everyone is happy he’s recovering. But that doesn’t mean the truth isn’t important, especially when liberals want to blame conservatives.

Why was DePape really there? Did he break in or was he let in? If he was let in, what was he there for? But the most disgusting question might be, if DePape really was Paul Pelosi’s s*x slave, did Nancy ever participate? We’d appreciate not having to review that tape!

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